Saturday, November 21, 2015

Learn the Basics of Southwestern Landscaping (part 1 of 2)

Southwestern landscaping is a very popular landscaping design not only in the Southwestern areas but as well as those who wants a touch of Southwestern art in their own homes and locations anywhere in the world. This type of designing has been formulated due to the weather conditions prevalent in the Southwestern areas n the United States.

Southwest Landscaping is basically land designing with native plants that do not need too much water and have low level of pollen to keep allergies away when in the peak of summer. Grass is therefore a no-no in this type of landscaping as it can consume so much water and very expensive to grow, and will be replaced with either stones or rocks. Native flowering plants will have to be started right away before the gravel landscaping begins.

Southwestern landscaping, particularly the one called xeriscaping is basically using native plants and flowers in the dry areas to be able to adapt in the sparse water supply in these areas. Native plants like cactuses, yucca, ornamental grasses (not the species that needs so much maintenance), hibiscus, succulent plants, or other varieties of flowering plants that can grow with limited supply of water and abundant sunlight and heat are best in this type of landscaping design.

It is also becoming more and more popular because of the lesser need of maintaining the landscape. Because there is less need of watering the entire lawn everyday, every homeowner becomes a Southwestern landscaping prospect. This is also the same reason why it is being adapted all over the world, and most especially to countries with more dry seasons.

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